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Fortified camp of the Russian army

Common grave of Russian warriors

Monument to the Russian armys crossing of the Vorskla River on June 20, 1709

St. Peter and Paul Chapel

Excavations on the Poltava battle field, conducted by Swedish officers in 1911

Monument to Colonel Kelin, commander of the Poltava fortress

Holy Cross Exaltation monastery

Poltava Battle Museum

Redoubts on the Poltava battle field

Monument to Glory, commemorating the Battle of Poltava

The Saviour Church

St. Sampsoniy Church, located on the battle field

Monument to the fallen Swedish warriors erected by their compatriots near the village Pobyvanka

The White Arbor, commemorating the Battle of Poltava

The fortress of Poltava

Monument to the place where Tsar Peter I rested after the Battle of Poltava

Russian monument to commemorate the fallen Swedes

Monument to the Fallen Kozaks

Monument commemorating all warriors who died in the battle

Monument to Hetman Mazepa